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Within each BTP CFA Picardie training center you have a Disability Referent.

Its mission is to ensure that the reception of learners with disabilities is taken into account by all the actors of the establishment: administrative team, teaching team, socio-educational guides.

The disability referent is your privileged contact to support you in your procedures and ensure that you can access training in the best possible conditions.

He is also the interlocutor of your families as well as the educational teams for taking into account your situation of disability at the CFA and in the company.

when to talk about
my disability?

How is adapted

my training ?

How is organized

the follow-up of my training?

At any time, you can share your disability, as soon as you apply to our establishment. All you have to do is indicate in the space provided for this purpose on your application file and/or your registration file that you have a disability. The registration department will inform the disability referent of the site.


As soon as your disability referent is informed of your situation, an appointment is required in order to put in place the necessary arrangements for the smooth running of your training.


For these arrangements to be put in place, you are asked to provide the certificate of recognition of your disability in your registration file.

During the interview with the disability referent of your site, he will determine with you the accommodations you need.


Depending on your situation, these adjustments can be varied: adaptation of the workstation or the exam (third-time) for example.

Throughout your training, your disability referent remains at your disposal, as does the site manager if you feel the need.


They follow your progress and provide a link between your staff and the various administrative services of the establishment.


Your disability referent can direct you, if necessary, to other support structures with which he is also in contact.


The disability referent undertakes to respect the confidential nature of your exchanges and does not transmit any information concerning you without your agreement.


For any candidate with a disability, registered with the BTP CFA Picardie, we set up specific support throughout the training of apprentices:


  • Information on professions, training offered, contract offers and preparation for apprenticeship: help in defining your professional project and preparation for apprenticeship (reception conditions in relation to your disability);

  • Exchanges with the employer and the partners involved throughout the apprenticeship course;​

  • Adapted and contractualized training course: taking into account your individual situation, adaptation of your apprenticeship course according to your needs

  • Follow-up of the course and adjustments according to the evolution of needs in consultation with your employer and the partners concerned;


  • Information on the continuation of the course after the training: employment partners (Pôle Emploi, Cap emploi, Local Missions, etc.), training network (under school status, by apprenticeship, in continuing vocational training, etc.), training in job search techniques;  

  • Contacts facilitated with the actors involved in the rest of the course: an assessment of your apprenticeship training can be carried out and communicated to you before leaving the CFA (material and pedagogical arrangements put in place, avenues envisaged).

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